Friday, November 29, 2013

தேசிய அளவிலான மரவிதை விஞ்ஞானமும் மரவளர்ப்புக்கலை கருத்தரங்கு.

For past two days (28th &29th) the Coimbatore IFGTB conducted NATIONAL WORKSHOP ON TREE SEED 
SCIENCE AND SILVICULTURE function. More than 100 participant from all states of India involved in this function. The Director N.KRISHNA KUMAR I.F.S. and his staff arranged food and shelter, conducted the workshop in a good manner and every body appreciated the good work done by them.

Here enclosing the speech of  S.K.SHANMUGHASUNDARA, I.F.S. (Retd. CCF) to day evening about
'Implications of seed bill on forestry seeds in India.'



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